Ares’sa – Tomb of Freedon Nadd


Character – Ares’sa – Tomb of Freedon Nadd – Mercenary

Submitted by – Powerhead




Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head RD-14A Scout Helmet Yes None & None
Chest Athiss Enforcer’s Body Armor None & None
Hands Exposed Extrovert Gauntlets Yes None & None
Waist Series 808 Cybernetic Support Belt Yes None & None
Legs Athiss Enforcer’s Greaves Yes None & None
Feet Cademimu Ranger’s Boots Yes None & None
Wrists None & None
Weapon S-203 Watchman Blaster Pistol Choose crystal color
Offhand Guardmaster Choose crystal color

Where to Obtain:

Head: World Drop, GTN

Chest: Athiss Flashpoint

Hands: Cartel Market Packs, GNT

Waist: Cartel Market Packs or GTN

Legs: Athiss Flashpoint

Feet: Cademimu Flashpoint


Weapon: World Drop

Offhand: World Drop

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