Aria of Vengance – The Harbinger

    • Character: Aria of Vengance of The Harbinger
    • Sith Warrior: Juggernaut
    • Submitted by: Jay Asher

Hidden away right before the sacking of Coruscant. At the age of 4 she was one of the first born force sensitive to Clan and House Vizla. Niece to Current Mandalore Shea Vizla she was exiled to save her from the reprocutions of the Mandolorian involvement in the Sacking.

As the leaders of the Mandalorian people predicted the Jedi had come seeking reparations. In which they took Aria’s 6 month old brother Torre as not only the first Mandolorian Jedi but as insurance knowing the high born Mandalorian could ward off further influence with the Sith Empire.

However, While exiled on Concord Dawn she was followed by one who will go on to inspire the death watch. Training her in all Mandalorian tactics, as well as tero Kazi. However this was not to last, Unknown to Mandalore the Avenger and Aria’s instructor she had been under observation by a Alchemically enhance Sith Lord Darth Reason, who had his own insight for the future of the Sith order. Believing with the Emperor gone all other Sith were mearly pretenders of little force connection.

With Blinding Speed Darth Reason Quickly dispatches Aria’s Mandalorian trainer in the blink of an eye, as without even thinking was already in a blade lock with the dark lord. As Darth Reason Circled the young force sensitive Mandalorian he taunted her and mocked her for hidding her power away when the Jedi had taken her baby brother and killed her mother. And with that the knowledge of the sith lord who was Aria and Tarre’s father died with their mother.

Darth Reason was fully engaged in Dun Möch doing everything he could think of too see her true resolution in the force, both light and dark. For 2 days Aria Vizla and Darth Reason fought. Yet no contact was ever made. It was in the moment of helplessness Aria gave into the entirety of the force as a perfect balance, instantly behind Darth Reason with a single touch she deactivates his lightsaber, breaks his force barrier and send him flying 50 feet away. Aria at this point was radiating the pure aura of the force combined with her Mandalorian need for battle she slowly started walking to the Sith Lord to her surprise was not injured in the least and most bizarre of all had a smile on his face. Aria bent to her knee knowing that even with the power she possessed Reason was toying with her.

From that day on Aria became the apprentice to Darth Reason in secret. All Sith academy training records were erased and due to dark side spell Darth Reason was able to wipe the minds of everyone in contact with Aria of her existence. However this was still not enough to sway the vision of the emperor who no longer among the Sith was waiting in bait in a new host body and a new empire.

Under the tutelage of Darth Reason Aria learned far more than any Sith Warrior, she had truly become a Sith Master, not only mastering all 7 lightsaber forms, but hybridizing Djem So with a Juyo varient to suite the ways of her Mandalorian upbringing. Able to use force lightning as well as the ability of force storm as well as an ability never seen before allowing her to channel sith lightning into a ball and concentrate it till it disintegrates all in it’s path.

However Darth Reason knew the time was coming. Aria had become too powerful, learning for more than he had taught. An admirer of Darth Revan and his idea of a rule of 2, Reason knew his time was soon. He wondered how it would happen as Sith held no concept of honor. However Aria still embracing the entirety of the force challenged him to a duel to with Darth Reason laughed. For all the tricks, for all the lessons on manipulation and treachery, you wish to fight me in a fair fight. We are not Jedi, we are Sith and power is all that matters.

Reason takes out his saber and readies it and realizes that it is not working. A weapon that had served him for over 20 years had just failed. At that moment his saber was flung off the balcony of Reason’s Liar as Aria walks ever slowly with intense yellow/orange eyes holds out one hand and sudden Reason became pale, Far more pale than is common for his rataka race.

In a split second Darth Reasons heart is torn from his chest and through his armor and becomes suspended in front of him. Aria still walking slowly never drawing her saber says “This is the difference of the force and the seeds of Vengance you have planted in me will continue on my old master”.

Aria turns around as Reason is on his knee’s taking his last breath. But not being of the dark nor light she swiftly activated her lightsaber decapitating Reason from 20 feet away as a mercy.

Now that Aria has become a master far beyond the narrow views of the other so called sith she began her conquest and her vengeance against the Jedi and prepared to even kill her little brother Torre if he is lost.

Once that is done Aria has only one last ambition, to take what is her’s from her aunt. Killing Mandalore the Avenger and becoming Mandalore the Eternal.

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadMalak’s Shadow Jaw CasingYes&GTN
ChestSith Recluse ChestplateBlack & Deep Redgtn
HandsDeadeye’s GlovesYes&Teir IV Crate
WaistIokath Annihilators ClaspYes&Iokath Rep Dealer
LegsUnrelenting Terror’s GreavesYes&GTN
FeetThexan’s BootsYes&GTN
WristsUnrelenting Terror’s Bracer’sYes&gtn
Weaponmk-1 Teir IV SaberLightningTeir 4 Crates

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