Arkanian Field Medic/Enforcer/Field Tech/Professional (Imp)



E Arkanian Field Medic Close E Arkanian Field Medic Front E Arkanian Field Medic Back E Arkanian Field Medic Left


EM Arkanian Field Medic Close EM Arkanian Field Medic Front EM Arkanian Field Medic Back EM Arkanian Field Medic Right EM Arkanian Field Medic Left




HeadArkanian Field Medic’s Headgear
ChestArkanian Field Medic’s Suit
HandsArkanian Field Medic’s Gloves
WaistArkanian Field Medic’s Belt
LegsArkanian Field Medic’s Leggings
FeetArkanian Field Medic’s Boots
WristsArkanian Field Medic’s Bracers


HeadArkanian Enforcer’s Headgear
ChestArkanian Enforcer’s Jacket
HandsArkanian Enforcer’s Gloves
WaistArkanian Enforcer’s Belt
LegsArkanian Enforcer’s Leggings
FeetArkanian Enforcer’s Boots
WristsArkanian Enforcer’s Armguards


HeadArkanian Field Tech’s Headgear
ChestArkanian Field Tech’s Jacket
HandsArkanian Field Tech’s Gloves
WaistArkanian Field Tech’s Belt
LegsArkanian Field Tech’s Leggings
FeetArkanian Field Tech’s Boots
WristsArkanian Field Tech’s Bracers


HeadArkanian Professional’s Headgear
ChestArkanian Professional’s Jacket
HandsArkanian Professional’s Gloves
WaistArkanian Professional’s Belt
LegsArkanian Professional’s Leggings
FeetArkanian Professional’s Boots
WristsArkanian Professional’s Armguards

Where to Obtain:

  • TFB SM
  • S&V SM
  • DF SM
  • DP SM
  • Toborro’s Courtyard SM

Lair of the Eyeless SM


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces