Arkanian Stalker/Survivor/Force-Master/Force-Mystic (Imp)



E Arkanian Force Master Close E Arkanian Force Master Front E Arkanian Force Master Back E Arkanian Force Master Left


EM Arkanian Force Master Close EM Arkanian Force Master Front EM Arkanian Force Master Back EM Arkanian Force Master Right EM Arkanian Force Master Left




HeadArkanian Stalker’s Headgear
ChestArkanian Stalker’s Robe
GlovesArkanian Stalker’s Handwraps
BeltArkanian Stalker’s Waistwrap
LegsArkanian Stalker’s Legwraps
FeetArkanian Stalker’s Boots
WristsArkanian Stalker’s Bracers


HeadArkanian Survivor’s Headgear
ChestArkanian Survivor’s Robe
GlovesArkanian Survivor’s Handwraps
BeltArkanian Survivor’s Waistwrap
LegsArkanian Survivor’s Legwraps
FeetArkanian Survivor’s Boots
WristsArkanian Survivor’s Bracers


HeadArkanian Force-Master’s Headgear
ChestArkanian Force-Master’s Vestments
GlovesArkanian Force-Master’s Gloves
BeltArkanian Force-Master’s Sash
LegsArkanian Force-Master’s Lower Robe
FeetArkanian Force-Master’s Boots
WristsArkanian Force-Master’s Bracers


HeadArkanian Force-Mystic’s Headgear
ChestArkanian Force-Mystic’s Robe
GlovesArkanian Force-Mystic’s Gloves
BeltArkanian Force-Mystic’s Sash
LegsArkanian Force-Mystic’s Lower Robe
FeetArkanian Force-Mystic’s Boots
WristsArkanian Force-Mystic’s Cuffs

Where to Obtain:

  • TFB SM
  • S&V SM
  • DF SM
  • DP SM
  • Toborro’s Courtyard SM
  • Lair of the Eyeless SM


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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