Arkanian Weaponmaster/ Challenger/ War Leader/ Vindicator(Imp)



E Arkanian Vindicator Close E Arkanian Vindicator Front E Arkanian Vindicator Back E Arkanian Vindicator Left


EM Arkanian Vindicator Close EM Arkanian Vindicator Front EM Arkanian Vindicator Back EM Arkanian Vindicator Right EM Arkanian Vindicator Left




Head Arkanian Weaponmaster’s Headgear
Chest Arkanian Weaponmaster’s Vest
Hands Arkanian Weaponmaster’s Gloves
Waist Arkanian Weaponmaster’s Waistcord
Legs Arkanian Weaponmaster’s Leggings
Feet Arkanian Weaponmaster’s Boots
Wrists Arkanian Weaponmaster’s Bracers


Head Arkanian Challenger’s Headgear
Chest Arkanian Challenger’s Vest
Hands Arkanian Challenger’s Gloves
Waist Arkanian Challenger’s Waistcord
Legs Arkanian Challenger’s Leggings
Feet Arkanian Challenger’s Boots
Wrists Arkanian Challenger’s Bracers

Juggernaut (Tank)

Head Arkanian War Leader’s Headgear
Chest Arkanian War Leader’s Body Armor
Hands Arkanian War Leader’s Gloves
Waist Arkanian War Leader’s Belt
Legs Arkanian War Leader’s Greaves
Feet Arkanian War Leader’s Boots
Wrists Arkanian War Leader’s Armguards

Juggernaut (DPS)

Head Arkanian Vindicator’s Headgear
Chest Arkanian Vindicator’s Chestguard
Hands Arkanian Vindicator’s Handgear
Waist Arkanian Vindicator’s Belt
Legs Arkanian Vindicator’s Greaves
Feet Arkanian Vindicator’s Boots
Wrists Arkanian Vindicator’s Armguards

Where to Obtain:

  • TFB SM
  • S&V SM
  • DF SM
  • DP SM
  • Toborro’s Courtyard SM
  • Lair of the Eyeless SM


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

[cgview id=1526 num=150 orderby=title order=asc size=145×145 quality=100 lightbox=0]