Character: Arke Exile – The Harbinger – Shadow

Submitted by: Exiled Messenger


Arke Purple Close 2Arke Purple Front 2Arke Purple Back 2Arke Purple Right 2Arke Purple Left 2Arke Purple ActionArke Mount


Head Hidden
Chest Investigator’s Robe Dark Purple and Black
Hands CZ-13K Guerrilla Handgear
Waist Organa Statesman’s Sash
Legs Thana Vesh’s Leggings
Feet Outlaw’s Boots
Wrists Anointed-Zeyd Cloth Bracers
Weapon Master’s Double-bladed Lightsaber Purple Color Crystal
Offhand Not visible

Where to Obtain:

  • Chest: Cartel Market
  • Glove: Cartel Market
  • Belt: Regulator/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack
  • Leg: Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack
  • Feet: Cartel Market
  • Wrist: Synthweaving – level 50
  • Weapon: World Drop

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