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Armormech Crafted Sets

Click on each image below to go to a page specific for each armor where you can see more pictures, where it came from etc. Please see this guide for the materials required to craft these sets.

Trainer Schematics

Reverse Engineered Schematics


  • Put a link to this site on my own blog 😀  Long live TOR-FASHION 😀

  • Kate Putnam

    The neutral sets look different imp/repub sides… yes, both sides can wear the same piece, but they won’t look the same.

  • Too bad it doesn’t show it, but the Empire Hooligan set gives you the hat that imperial officers wear.

  • Mosy

    I have the full Hooligan set (with the War Hero belt and bracers) on my female Sniper, I will take some screenshots and upload them, when I get home. I used to have a Helmet that was a random loot drop, adaptive, I think I got it on Imp Balmorra on my Sorc. It looked like a Mercenary Elite model helm, but it had a Tempered Laminoid pattern to it, and I gave it to my PT then deleted that character.

  • Cloned

    Are all of these completely moddable? I’d like to give some of these to my lvl 55’s.

    • ExiledMessenger

      Yes, every piece in every one of these sets is orange.

      • Kyacho


        • Exiled Messenger

          Four years ago when I typed that comment it was true.

        • D. Rose

          She opened it up to static armor as well when the outfit designer came out since modability is no longer important.

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