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  1. Zeeck
    21 December 2015 @ 1609

    Were is this set found?


    • Sisqi
      21 December 2015 @ 1616

      As it says under ‘Where to obtain’, on Oricon. They drop from the starter missions there. Not sure if the vendors there still sell the pieces separately as well.


      • Zeeck
        21 December 2015 @ 1638

        no the quest do not give you them i did the first 5 and should have gotten the gloves lags and boots from 3 of them and got non of it…


        • Sisqi
          21 December 2015 @ 1713

          Mmm, I think it has been replaced then by the Remnant Dreadguard gear that drops from Alliance crates.


          • gua543
            22 December 2015 @ 0950

            The remnant dread guard gear is a copy of the 150 rating token and hazmat gear that was removed. The [artifact] sets are no longer obtainable I think. If you find a piece of them on the GTN consider yourself lucky. Otherwise the closest you can get to them is with the remnant arkanian gear.

  2. James Michael Johnson
    4 February 2016 @ 0733

    What race is this, if any?


    • Exiled Messenger
      4 February 2016 @ 0748

      I’m not sure what you are asking. There are no species-specific armor sets in SWTOR. Or are you thinking that crazy helmet is a different species? It’s not.


      • James Michael Johnson
        4 February 2016 @ 0910

        Yes I mean the outfit, did it represent some crazy race I’ve not seen before. Or a sithspawn or something. But I take it that its just a crazy demonic looking literal helmet that a person would wear? I’d assumed it was meant to “change” the species/race of the player much like how cybernetic outfits can make you into an assassin droid instead of, for example, a twilek or cat person


        • Exiled Messenger
          4 February 2016 @ 0912

          As far as I know, it’s just some crazy demonic-looking helmet.


  3. Andreas Scheicher
    13 November 2016 @ 1817

    Still available just as any other 156 gear: Seeker Droid can excavate the Artifact Crates as Special Treasures (extremely rare). Won’t post at the other ones as well, though every 156 set can be obtained that way.


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