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  1. Rexx Vortex
    5 November 2013 @ 1100

    How do you get this?
    Which missions?


  2. Aleksey314
    6 November 2013 @ 0339

    I guess these are given for completion of each mission when you do them for the first time on Oricon. Quality equal to that of classic commendations gear, correct?


  3. Peter Taylor
    24 March 2016 @ 2316

    Unfortunate that these items are no longer acquirable from Oricon missions. You need to mark this as another inaccessible item, save for remnants on the Galactic Trade Network.


  4. Scramsax
    7 January 2018 @ 1703

    The RD-31A Master Striker designated set, is as far as I can make out now craftable custom Heavy Armor.
    When you acquire/learn the schematics you will find them under the Archive tab in the Armormech list.
    I have only managed to acquire the Gauntlets so far which are rather different from those in the pictures posted here. They are more reminiscent of the knee plates shown here, but instead of two angular metal plates it has one long plate that starts at the knuckles stretches all the way just past the elbow with a pivot of sorts at the wrist.. I sure will be looking to acquire any other existing schematics of this set.


  5. Anonymous
    24 December 2020 @ 1925

    Just got the helmet from doing the droid seeker quests


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