Arynae – The Red Eclipse

    • Character: Arynae of The Red Eclipse
    • Imperial Agent: Sniper
    • Submitted by: ShatterClub

What to do with green skin…
What to do to make her look good with green ski-
BOOM. Add blue.
Works every time.


Item Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Ventilated Scalene Headgear No None & None GTN
Chest Unfettered Trench Coat Dark Blue & Deep Green GTN
Hands Overwatch Security Gauntlets Yes None & None GTN
Waist Outlander Guerilla’s Belt Yes None & None GTN
Legs Snowtrooper’s Greaves Yes None & None GTN
Feet Formal Militant’s Boots Yes None & None GTN
Wrists Fearless Hunter Bracers Yes None & None GTN
Weapon PW-12 Plasma Core Sniper Rifle Black-Blue GTN
Offhand Choose crystal color

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