• Character: Ashur Mirkani of The Ebon Hawk
  • Imperial Agent: Operative
  • Submitted by: Ashy
  • This is my Chiss-Imperial medic, sporting his freelance mercenary-Doctor armor. Wanted to go with armor that was professional-looking, but at the same time, personal and not uniform-y. I also wanted a set that didn't look like a Mandalorian's or a Republic trooper's. I'm in love with scarves over armor, too, so this chestpiece was perfect. With a pale gray/dark gray dye and unmatched to the chestpiece, the Iokath Keeper helmet matches perfectly with the bits of armor on the chestpiece that don't change color with dyes. The new Naval Officer dye is probably my favorite color combination in the game.
    The rifle follows the theme, I think. Professional-looking while still maintaining some personality. I'm really happy with how this whole getup turned out.

    Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
    Head Keeper of Iokath's Helmet No Pale Gray & Dark Gray Precious Cargo Pack
    Chest Defiant Asylum Body Armor Mk-16 Dark Green & Black Armormech
    Hands Hoth Defender's Gloves Yes & Warbound Crusader Pack
    Waist Duststorm Survivor's Belt Yes & Revenge Pack
    Legs Interceptor's Greaves Yes & Space Jockey's Starfighter Pack
    Feet Rohlan Dyre's Boots Yes & Club Vertica Nightlife Pack
    Wrists &
    Weapon Knave's Quick-handed Blaster Rifle Strap Attachment Plunderer Pack