Astrisa – Prophecy of the Five


Character: Astrisa of Prophecy of the Five – Sage

Submitted by: Darth Rothgar


Astrisa Front Astrisa Back Astrisa Action



HeadDread Guard’s Corrupted Mask
ChestDire Eliminator’s Chestguard
HandsRed Scalene Gauntlets
WaistConsular’s Renowned Sash
LegsRed Scalene Greaves
FeetRed Scalene Boots
WristsConsular’s Renowned Bracers
WeaponGray Helix Lightsaber
OffhandNot visible

Where to Obtain:


Chest: Contraband Resale Corporation Vendor (formerly Cartel Market)

Glove: Gree Reputation Vendor

Belt: Legacy Vendor

Leg: Gree Reputation Vendor

Feet: Gree Reputation Vendoe

Wrist: Legacy Vendor

Weapon: Karagga’s Palace HM (Karagga the Unyielding); Explosive Conflict SM (Warlord Kephess)

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