Avlurks – The Red Eclipse


Character – Avlurks –  The Red Eclipse – Operative

Submitted by – Av





Head Not visible
Chest Agile Judgement Vest
Hands Columi Field Medic’s Gloves Color Matched
Waist Agent’s Belt Color Matched
Legs Imperial Dancer’s Bottom Color Matched
Feet RD-07A Vendetta Boots
Wrists Agent’s Bracers Color Matched
Weapon B-412 Assault Interceptor
Offhand Not visible

Where to Obtain:

Chest: World drop – level 31

Hands: No longer available

Waist: Armormech – level 20

Legs: Security Key Vendor

Feet: Random world drop – level 41-50

Wrists: Armormech – level 20

Weapon: Mission reward – Voss

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