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  1. Darth Rassilon
    13 July 2015 @ 2243

    beautiful character. I really like the color scheme of the armor with that skin tone


    • Aeden
      14 July 2015 @ 0802

      Thanks a lot for saying so. Cause of the skin tones I don’t feel the need to add a lot of color to their armor. Changed all my toons to Chiss and ain’t looking back. Cheers mate!


  2. Aeden
    14 July 2015 @ 0807

    Forgot 10 pics included the thumb shot as well. Wanted to add this one too. Nice shot in the air and of the boots.


  3. Aeden
    14 July 2015 @ 2032

    Thanks a lot whomever added the last photo. Really appreciated that.
    /respectful bow


    • Exiled Messenger
      16 July 2015 @ 0759

      You’re welcome.


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