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  1. Chris Liu
    12 July 2015 @ 0322

    Always knew Primeval’s had potential. But I think being a Chiss pulls the whole look together. Thanks for sharing!


    • Aeden
      12 July 2015 @ 1149

      Yeah def one of my favorite chest pieces currently in game. Glad you like it.


  2. eric hollis
    12 July 2015 @ 0428

    what is this a jedi


    • Aeden
      12 July 2015 @ 1146

      Yes after 3 years of wearing nothing but robes I love my toons in armor these days. To emphasize the skin tones I mostly use blacks, whites n’ grays but I realize they are off the beaten path in terms of what they look like. Hey if Annakin can rock black…..lolz.


  3. Veelia
    15 July 2015 @ 1135

    Hm, what a beautiful headgear. But I’ve never seen this vendor’s name before, where can i find it? 🙂


    • Aeden
      15 July 2015 @ 1417

      Doh! Never noticed the misspell on Marka Ragnos’s Crown (horns) which can be found in the Tracker’s Bounty Pack, the GTN or Interplanetary Component Exchange Reputation Vendor which requires Hero Standing. Though I think you mean the Resurrected Challenger’s Headgear (Goggles) which requires 1 Unassembled Resurrected Headgear token on fleet from Master Chonu (Knight Operations gear vendor) or you can purchase the same looking ones from Master Solania using elite comms under “Massassi ______ MK-1 Headgear.
      Hope this helps


  4. Errtai
    3 October 2015 @ 1306

    Thanks for sharing this. Absolutely fantastic look. As a matter of fact, I already copy/paste’d it for my Merc.


    • Aeden
      18 October 2015 @ 0144

      Nice, that looks epic. Just for poops n’ giggles have a look at the expert fighter boots as well. I recently found they work really well with those pants. I changed it to them myself on a few looks on toons. Thanks for the up, that is really cool. I’m glad you like the set.
      I freaking love those guns with her hair.


  5. Marina
    21 August 2016 @ 1618

    LOVE the lightsabers!!!


  6. _Draxin_
    4 March 2017 @ 1652

    I have no idea how most Jedi would react to seeing this in a temple.


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