B-300 Cybernetic



B-300 Cybernetic - Female CloseB-300 Cybernetic - Female FrontB-300 Cybernetic - Female BackB-300 Cybernetic - Female RightB-300 Cybernetic - Female Left


B-300 Cybernetic - Male CloseB-300 Cybernetic - Male FrontB-300 Cybernetic - Male BackB-300 Cybernetic - Male RightB-300 Cybernetic - Male Left

Individual Pieces

B-300 Cybernetic Female BreastplateB-300 Cybernetic Female GreavesB-300 Cybernetic Female BootsB-300 Cybernetic Female HelmetB-300 Cybernetic Female GauntletsB-300 Cybernetic Female BracersB-300 Cybernetic Female Belt

B-300 Cybernetic Male BreastplateB-300 Cybernetic Male GreavesB-300 Cybernetic Male BootsB-300 Cybernetic Male HelmetB-300 Cybernetic Male GauntletsB-300 Cybernetic Male BeltB-300 Cybernetic Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

B-300 Cybernetic Dyed

Doesn’t Hide Hood, but clips through

B-300 Cybernetic Doesn't Hide Hood


Head B-300 Cybernetic Helmet
Chest B-300 Cybernetic Breastplate
Hands B-300 Cybernetic Gauntlets
Waist B-300 Cybernetic Belt
Legs B-300 Cybernetic Greaves
Feet B-300 Cybernetic Boots
Wrists B-300 Cybernetic Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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