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  1. Ben Fuller
    9 December 2014 @ 2107

    Is this from the hm version?? Can’t seem to find any info other than what was said above


    • TimeDeatH
      5 January 2015 @ 2217

      I also can’t find any pictures of anyone owning this mount. i almost want to say these are fake


      • Exiled Messenger
        7 January 2015 @ 1113

        The images aren’t fake. They were taken from the Strongholds editor in game. Whether or not the mount was actually implemented is unknown.


        • Jamima
          25 January 2015 @ 0311

          I got the mount today. It dropped off the bonus boss in Assault on Tython Hardmode.


  2. Rokanis
    14 January 2015 @ 0435

    I saw someone on the Pub Fleet on the Harbinger with this mount. This and the Imperial version are both in the game, most likely as rare drops from bosses in the Hard Mode variants of the Flashpoints listed above like how the Imp/Pub Korrealis speeders are rare drops from the standard variants.


  3. Mike Ober
    26 August 2015 @ 1211

    I can’t find this walker in my collections. I want to share it with the rest of my toons. Any ideas?


    • Exiled Messenger
      26 August 2015 @ 1216

      Collections only covers items from the Cartel Market or sent to you as a gift. Items you earn in a FP or Op must be earned for every character.


  4. Mike Ober
    26 August 2015 @ 1240

    Thank you for the quick response. I bought the walker on the GTN. I thought I read that GTN items were in collections.


    • Exiled Messenger
      26 August 2015 @ 1245

      Only those items you can purchase on the GTN that originally came from the Cartel Market or in a Cartel Pack.


      • Mike Ober
        26 August 2015 @ 1247

        Got it. Thank you very much.


  5. Kiyoxujin
    14 September 2015 @ 0047

    Is there a mount animation with this ?


    • Dulfy
      14 September 2015 @ 0105



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