Baranor – Star Forge

  • Character: Baranor of Star Forge
  • Sith Warrior: Juggernaut
  • Submitted by: Moebius

Baranor Shadowbane, an Arkanian half-breed, born into slavery to work the diamond mines of his home planet.
As a young orphan, he was taken under the wing of Pahvo Garoo, an old Cathar slave, who first discovered Baranor's innate affinity with the force. Growing up hearing about the jedi from his mentor, Baranor's dream of escape became an obsession. One day, a rebellion broke out in which Pahvo and most of the slaves were put down. The handful that survived, including Baranor, were sold off to die in The Cauldron, a notorious gladiatorial arena in Rattatak.
Pitted against beasts, droids and gladiators alike, Baranor survived wave after wave of combatants thanks to his strength in the force. It was then, completely exhausted and at the verge of death, that his fate changed. Raeven Kane, an ambitious sith who was scouting the arena for potential apprentices, recognized his raw power and decided to purchase him.
Now under a life debt, Baranor was brutally trained to become a living weapon. But deep within him, the values instilled by his former mentor may still live…

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadMarka Ragnos's CrownYesGTN
ChestHand Crafted Zakuul Knight BreastplateBlack and BlackArcann alert “Unmasked Regret”
HandsConquered Exarch's Meditation GlovesYesHoth Star Fortress Heroic mode
WaistMarka Ragnos's BeltYesGTN
LegsRevan Reborn GreavesYesGTN
FeetRoyal Guardian's BootsYesGTN
WristsUlic Qel-Droma's BracersYesGTN
WeaponUnstable Peacemaker's LightsaberImperial CrimsonGTN