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  1. Ravarah
    22 April 2015 @ 1247



  2. Purre
    23 April 2015 @ 0926

    GZ pvp players….. lol


  3. Alexander Haase
    24 April 2015 @ 1318

    Since Disney we got that Star Pirates of the Caribbean crossover ^^ Funny Idea but dont think it really matches the Star Wars Theme.


    • Abatu
      21 June 2015 @ 1947

      the cutters (or rather transports like it) have been used by the pirates on tatoonine for ages
      hell we even saw sail barges in the movies

      given that it was a “luxury” barge (as all things hutt are) it stands to reason that there would be smaller versions
      Khetanna i think it was called? either way…both in the EU and the movies ships like this (not this exact shape) have existed for quite some time


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