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TOR Fashion


  1. Mia
    28 August 2012 @ 2015

    My boyfriend loves that belt. Makes him so depressed he can’t find an orange version of it (or with the same look).


  2. Iudofaex
    24 January 2013 @ 1645

    What makes me sad is how awesome the republic side version of this looks and how my marauder would look awesome in it but it looks horrible on the imperial side. I wish I could choose the republic look on my imp toon. So dumb!


  3. Meta Ray Mek
    4 May 2014 @ 1103

    Given that we might be getting a knock-off of the Republic version in a future Cartel Pack (if datamined stuff is to be believed), I’m hopeful we’ll get a knock-off of this soon. imho, the Thana Vesh-style of armor is some of the better styles for Imperials, and I’d love to have a non-cut up version of this someday.


  4. Terrorus
    4 July 2014 @ 1836

    I really really hope an Adaptative version of this armor comes to the game soon! My Jug would look awesome in it! I’d use this one, but loosing armor is bad for a tank. =(


    • Terrorus
      4 July 2014 @ 1837



  5. Kiri
    29 March 2015 @ 0036

    Can you even get the belt anymore?


    • Ravarah
      29 March 2015 @ 0751

      Don’t think so.


    • gua543
      29 March 2015 @ 1407

      Reaver one looks similar I think, haven’t actually seen a moddable battlemaster belt.


  6. LongLegsChick
    5 April 2015 @ 1408

    They should really remove the valor requirement. This set is much better and friendlier on dyeing than the Reaver set.


    • Bastardodcadena
      9 September 2016 @ 1607

      i want that schematic u.u


  7. Kiri
    5 September 2015 @ 1522

    We need this in the cartel market


  8. Bastardodcadena
    3 July 2016 @ 1513

    damn bioware they gonna delete all great schematics


  9. David Daniels
    15 September 2016 @ 1452

    Valor requirement should be abolished so we don’t have to go through a painful experience in Warzones all the time.


    • anoneemoose
      15 September 2016 @ 1902

      Honestly, having some armors locked behind valor is fine with me. In fact I think there should be more armor like that. Except having to grind it out on every character is just terrible. It should instead be a legacy wide thing.


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