Beera – The Progenitor

  • Character: Beera of The Progenitor
  • Sith Warrior: Marauder
  • Submitted by: Naeli/Tlali
  • My first submission here, so a little nervous, hope people will like it.

    This is my RP outfit for the character. She is a field medic for her order, serving as the first medical help on the battlefield. The blue vials seen on the chest and belt are actually filled with kolto, and are replacements for the kolto injector. Other pouches are filled with bandages, dressings and anything else a medic might need. The backpack is a portable, field surgery equipment, for times where there are sharpnels or other objects that need removal before tending to wounds. The two vibroswords on her back are not actual weapons IC, but rather portable stretchers she carries at all times with herself.

    ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
    HeadRemnant Resurrected Agent's HeadgearNoNone & NoneAliance Command Packs
    ChestRepublic Protector's ArmorBlack & Deep RedRepublic Makeb Reputation Vendor
    HandsRepublic Protector's GauntletsYes &Republic Makeb Reputation Vendor
    WaistRepublic Protector's BeltYes &Republic Makeb Reputation Vendor
    LegsRepublic Protector's GreavesYes &Republic Makeb Reputation Vendor
    FeetSkiff Guard's BootsYes &Strategy Alliance Pack
    WristsRepublic Protector's BracersYes &Republic Makeb Reputation Vendor
    WeaponCustom-built VibroswordnoneOld Armstech Schematic
    OffhandCustom-built VibroswordnoneOld Armstech Schematic