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  1. Errtai
    18 July 2016 @ 0044

    Would have been great with some Hoth background shots, but very nice outfit nonetheless :).


    • Atlantic
      18 July 2016 @ 1044

      I agree with Errtai on this one. Love the outfit and the emotes. Hoth background would have been better but you did say you tried that. Where are these taken, that rock on Tatooine?


      • D. Rose
        18 July 2016 @ 1732

        Thanks for all of the encouragement! I tried some snowy spots on Alderaan, but no matter how good it looked in game, the screen shots kept coming out with ghastly shadows on her faceridges. This is the Tatooine rock. I still have trouble angling things so there is no brown without cutting off feet :p


        • Atlantic
          18 July 2016 @ 1926

          I was just assuming that you tried Hoth. I didn’t even consider Alderaan (where snow and beehives come together in a most bizarre setting). The lighting there is wonky. I posted shots from there once, and I’ve never been back. I pressed the like button either way.


        • Aeden Darko
          18 July 2016 @ 2208

          First, thanks for all your submissions. It really helps a lot. Second try Belsavis impside soon as you get out of the star port keep left along the cliff wall. It’s not the best lighting but it does the trick. Nice shoot and gear. Keep it coming.


  2. Exiled Messenger
    18 July 2016 @ 0902

    For those of you that don’t know, Damask Rose AKA D. Rose has been submitting around 3 static pieces a day to the site for nearly a year. She also has an account to fix my mistakes when I’m tagging those posts. While Kyne got us started and figured out the crazy modifiers for me, you can thank D. Rose for almost single-handedly populating the static armor portion of the visual database.


    • Demunoki
      18 July 2016 @ 1006

      /applaudes D. Rose


    • Ri'ann Dor
      18 July 2016 @ 1023

      That’s crazy! Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂
      I guess it’s easy to forget how much work people put into sites like this. Thanks for the reminder and thank you both for your continuous work, Exile and Rose.

      Back to the outfit: This is a lovely cold weather set for any force user. Well done! I might copy it for my sage.


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