BF-4F Warrior

Stronghold Decoration: Mounts, Pets and Companions – Pets

Hook Type: Floor Small


BF-4F Warrior - FrontBF-4F Warrior - BackBF-4F Warrior - Side

Where to Obtain:

EA F2P games cross-promotion – rewarded to players of Battlefield Play4Free who created a SWTOR account by 1 Apr 2013.

3rd Invite a Friend bonus


From Wookieepedia:

A battle droid (also referred to as war droid or killer droid) was any droid designed for combat.

There were numerous types of battle droids. They predated theGalactic Republic by thousands of years, with the earliest known being Rakatan ancient droids and the war-robots used by Xim the Despot.

Cost for Guild Purchase:

25,000 credits