Black Widow Snow Suit – Star Forge

  • Character: Black Widow Snow Suit of Star Forge
  • Companion:
  • Submitted by: cliopatra

Black Widow Snow Suit outfit on Mako with Customization 5 for a pretty good looking black widow companion in my opinion.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Chest RV-03 Speedsuit Jacket White/White GTN
Hands Canderous Ordo's Gloves Yes GTN
Waist Frenzied Warrior's Belt No Black/Deep Red GTN
Legs Space Guardian's Pants No White/Black Fleet, Supplies Section, Renown Vendor, (Imperial side, the vendor is a droid named Z9-V86)
Feet Adept Scout Boots Yes GTN
Wrists Rugged Infantry Bracers No Black/Pale Yellow, But any dye with Black as main color will work. GTN
Weapon Defiant Technographer's Blaster GTN