Black’abigail – The Shadowlands


Character – Black’abigail – The Shadowlands – Operative

Submitted by – Tiphani Mccormick




Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head Bounty Hunter’s Rep Cowboy hat Yes None & None
Chest Black Blue gree armour None & None
Hands black blue gree armour Yes None & None
Waist black blue gree armor Yes None & None
Legs blackblue gree armor Yes None & None
Feet Infernal something..armor 😀 None & None
Wrists black blue gree armour Yes None & None
Weapon cartel market bowcaster Yellow-Blue
Offhand ???? Yellow-Blue

Where to Obtain:

Head: Bounty hunter rep vendor

Chest: Gree rep vendor

Hands: gree rep vendor

Waist: gree rep vendor

Legs: gree rep vendor

Feet: cartel packs gtn

Wrists: gree rep vendor

Weapon: cartel market GTN



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