Blackacnologia – Darth Malgus

  • Character: Blackacnologia of Darth Malgus
  • Sith Warrior: Juggernaut
  • Submitted by: Tamim Mirza

I wanted to recreate the iconic Sith Warrior look and tried to do a Darth Vader look but a better version of it. It was not until I acquired nearly all pieces of the Remnant Dreadguard Warrior set (minus the claw gloves) and when equipped with secondary dye, the results are satisfying. I have successfully created a much terrifying version of Darth Vader.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Remnant Dreadguard Warrior’s Headgear Yes Secondary Black Alliance Crates (Military)
Chest Remnant Dreadguard Warrior’s Chestguard Secondary Black Alliance Crates (Military)
Hands Sith Annihilator's Handgear Yes Secondary Black Adaptive Vendor – Imperial Fleet
Waist Remnant Dreadguard Warrior’s Belt Yes Secondary Black Alliance Crates (Military)
Legs Remnant Dreadguard Warrior’s Greaves Yes Secondary Black Alliance Crates (Military)
Feet Remnant Dreadguard Warrior’s Boots Yes Secondary Black Alliance Crates (Military)
Wrists Secondary Black
Weapon Vaylin's Lightsaber N/A Advanced Red Eviscerating Crystal Galactic Trade Network (GTN)
Offhand N/A