Blade Savant



Blade Savant - Female CloseBlade Savant - Female FrontBlade Savant - Female BackBlade Savant - Female RightBlade Savant - Female Left


Blade Savant - Male CloseBlade Savant - Male FrontBlade Savant - Male BackBlade Savant - Male RightBlade Savant - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Blade Savant Female ChestguardBlade Savant Female GreavesBlade Savant Female Boots

Blade Savant Female HeadgearBlade Savant Female Gloves

Blade Savant Female BeltBlade Savant Female Wristguards

Blade Savant Male ChestguardBlade Savant Male reavesBlade Savant Male Boots

Blade Savant Male HeadgearBlade Savant Male Gloves

Blade Savant Male BeltBlade Savant Male Wristguards


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Blade Savant Dyed


HeadBlade Savant Headgear
ChestBlade Savant Chestguard
HandsBlade Savant Gloves
WaistBlade Savant Belt
LegsBlade Savant Greaves
FeetBlade Savant Boots
WristsBlade Savant Wristguards

Where to Obtain:

Acolyte’s Shadow Pack