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TOR Fashion


  1. Razid
    3 October 2013 @ 1033

    The chest is a reward from “The Master’s Secret” in Dromund Kaas. You need to talk to Sandor, who starts the quest “Initiation” in Kaas City (Near the central flight point). You need to do the entire Revanite questline.


  2. Aleksey314
    3 October 2013 @ 1203

    Interesting looking chest, actually. Would be real nice if they limit shoulder pads application though.


    • Killerlegus
      14 June 2015 @ 0532

      Revanite Quest Chain on Dromund Kaas for Marauder


  3. CreeperCorp Gamer
    25 June 2015 @ 1126

    i like it i had it when i was 31 – 35 it was at the time
    but i really think they could have more detail


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