Blue Scalene



Blue Scalene - Female CloseBlue Scalene - Female FrontBlue Scalene - Female BackBlue Scalene - Female RightBlue Scalene - Female Left


Blue Scalene - Male CloseBlue Scalene - Male FrontBlue Scalene - Male BackBlue Scalene - Male RightBlue Scalene - Male Left

Submitted by: Kojin from Jedi Covenant

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Individual Pieces

Blue Scalene Female ChestguardBlue Scalene Female GreavesBlue Scalene Female BootsBlue Scalene Female HeadgearBlue Scalene Female GauntletsBlue Scalene Female BeltBlue Scalene Female Bracers

Blue Scalene Male ChestguardBlue Scalene Male GreavesBlue Scalene Male BootsBlue Scalene Male HeadgearBlue Scalene Male GauntletsBlue Scalene Male Utility BeltBlue Scalene Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow / Black and Black / Dark Green and White

Blue Scalene Dyedblackblack22darkgreenwhite22


HeadBlue Scalene Headgear15,550 credits
ChestBlue Scalene Chestguard15,550 credits
HandsBlue Scalene Gauntlets12,850 credits
WaistBlue Scalene Utility Belt9,450 credits
LegsBlue Scalene Greaves15,550 credits
FeetBlue Scalene Boots12,850 credits
WristsBlue Scalene Bracers9,450 credits

Where to Obtain:

Requires Friend with the Gree; level 10


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

The Gree were a species of tentacled gray cephalopods from the planet Gree. Each Gree had six tentacles and an over-sized head, in comparison to baseline and near-human body proportions, and stood between 0.8 and 1.2 meters tall. Gree evolved in a Type II atmosphere, and generally covered their lower faces with odd spongy devices (presumably breath masks) in Type I atmospheres.


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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