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Body Types


Female Body Type 1Female Body Type 2Female Body Type 3Female Body Type 4


Male Body Type 1Male Body Type 2Male Body Type 3Male Body Type 4


  1. Ctlz
    27 September 2015 @ 0714

    It’s funny how they add muscles to all male body types. It looks like sims 4.


    • Katz
      30 October 2015 @ 0251

      Yeah, I don’t get the point of bodytype 1 and especially 4 having muscles. It just looks weird.


      • Ethan Savickas
        21 January 2016 @ 2157

        I suppose it might be to save on having to make more than one body texture, although I honestly can’t tell if male body type 1 is the same as the rest. It might be.


    • Dylan
      19 October 2017 @ 1223

      And how they *don’t* add muscles to the female body types.


  2. Alexandru von Carstein
    24 October 2016 @ 0958

    Is it wrong to say that buff women, turn me on, I mean no offense mind you, but there is just something about chicks that are build like amazon’s that I find very appealing


    • Dylan
      19 October 2017 @ 1223

      You’re not alone.


  3. Theron Shan
    27 February 2017 @ 1332

    Body type 4 for males should require you constantly go on side quests to find insulin


    • thatHARVguy
      27 February 2017 @ 2323

      That’s what Stim Vendors are for. 😉


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