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TOR Fashion


  1. Jeremy Marr
    29 April 2015 @ 1233

    This is weird: the speeder doesn’t seem to actually drop from anything, yet Eric Musco said in a post that it was adjusted to Adaptive…what the hell? Are we just not looking hard enough for this one? (Did they hide it next to their stash of Czerka Crate-O-Matics?)


    • Lans_Starsider
      16 April 2016 @ 0217

      It comes from a side mission during the early parts of KotFE. You find a busted speeder and go find parts to fix it, basically.


      • Jeremy Marr
        16 April 2016 @ 0438

        I found it on my first KotFE playthrough, months ago…I honestly forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me it exists, I need to go find an outfit to match.


  2. Jon Jo
    14 November 2015 @ 1239

    The decoration appears to have been removed. There is a speeder buno deco.


  3. Tummi
    11 August 2019 @ 1444

    Looks like Swoop bike we using as “taxi” in many planets… Tython for example.


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