"Bubbleprincess" Melisen – The Red Eclipse

    • Character: “Bubbleprincess” Melisen of The Red Eclipse
    • Jedi Consular: Sage
    • Submitted by: Meli

…uses telekinetic tickling a lot

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Nathema Zealot’s Helmet Yes & Cartel/Gtn
Chest Dark Disciple’s Vestments None & Black Dark Side Vendor
Hands Remulus Dreypa’s Handguards No Black & Light Yellow Cartel/Gtn
Waist Sky Ridge Force-Lord’s Sash No None & None Quest Rishi
Legs Visas Marr’s Lower Robes Yes & Cartel/Gtn
Feet [Random] Kneeboots Yes & Gtn
Wrists &
Weapon Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber Cartel/Gtn

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