“C2-N2 is a model of gentlemanly manners and polite efficiency. A Hollis-series steward droid that served one of the Republic’s most famous heroes, he will do everything in his considerable programming power to ensure that his master’s starship always maintains the proper air of respectability. This includes high-powered dusting capabilities, monitoring the crew’s caloric intake and a selection of armomas from across the galaxy to satisfy even the pickiest of noses.”

Character ClassAll Republic
RecruitedChapter 1 - after Coruscant
Recruited KotFEChapter 9: The Alliance
GenderMale Programming
Primary WeaponBlaster Pistol
Stronghold DecorationMounts, Pets and Companions – Companions
Hook TypeFloor Small, Floor Medium, Floor Medium Narrow


Butler – Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack / Contraband Resale Vendor

Newcomer – 3 x Cartel Market Certificates + 20,000 credits

C2-N2 Butler

Crimson – Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack

C2-N2 Crimson

HK-55 Inspired – Subscriber Gift May 2016

Hk-55 Inspired

Target Dummy – Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack

C2-N2 Target Dummy