Calally – The Shadowlands

    • Character: Calally of The Shadowlands
    • Sith Warrior: Haven’t chosen an advanced class yet
    • Submitted by: Damask Rose

This is my tribute to Vette so I can romance Quinn with her. I got tired of all of the belly shirts that warriors get, so I thought I’d dress her in the Wicked Huntress chest like all the cool kids have. Grr! The crotch flap bug is really hard to work around!


Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head &
Chest Wicked Huntress’s Robes None & None Cartel Pack/GTN
Hands Kreia’s Gloves Yes & Cartel Pack/GTN
Waist Eidolon Belt No None & None Cartel Pack/GTN
Legs Diabolist Lower Robes Yes & Cartel Pack/GTN
Feet Decorated Pummeler’s Boots MK-3 No None & None Flashpoint/GTN
Wrists Eidolon Wristguards No None & None Cartel Pack/GTN
Weapon Redeemer’s Starforged Lightsaber Gold Core Cartel Pack/GTN

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