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Cartel Packs (Shipment One)

Click on the Pack names below to view posts for each pack. In addition to the items listed below, each pack may drop:

Crime Lord/Black Market

First offered: Nov. 15, 2012 (Patch 1.5)

NOTE: The Black Market Cartel Pack does not contain all of the Super Rare/Ultra Rare items.

Price and Availability


Emote: IntimidateEmote
Emote: MenaceEmote
Title: The Cartel CollectorTitle
Title: The Crime LordTitle
Ball TossToy
Darth Malgus HolostatueToy
Glowing Eyes - GoldToy
Glowing Eyes - RedToy
Imperial BannerToy
Republic BannerToy
Satele Shan HolostatueToy

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