Carth Onasi

Carth Onasi, nicknamed Fleet, was a famous Human male soldier and an expert pilot born in 3,994 BBY on the planet Telos IV, where he would start a family with his wifeMorgana; they had a son they named Dustil. He served in the Republic Naval Starfighter Corps, fighting for the Galactic Republic he loved above all else in such conflicts as the Mandalorian Wars against expanding Mandalorian clans, earning several honors for his bravery during combat. During the war, Onasi served under Admiral Saul Karath, who would become his greatest ally and mentor. After the the war’s end, Onasi planned to leave the Navy and return to Telos to be with his family.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki


Carth Onasi Close Carth Onasi Front Carth Onasi Back Carth onasi Right Carth Onasi Left


M Carth Onasi Close M Carth Onasi Front M Carth Onasi Back M Carth onasi Right M Carth Onasi Left

Chest Carth Onasi’s Jacket
Legs Carth Onasi’s Pants
Feet Carth Onasi’s Boots
Wrists Carth Onasi’s Bracers


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