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  1. jezzroth
    27 March 2017 @ 1201

    Awesome! Once again kreiad hood used brilliantly. I wonder how thus would do on a warrior and use leg guards instead of dress type legs… hmmm


    • Ri'ann Dor
      27 March 2017 @ 1209

      Thank you! I try to keep the armor light on my Sorcerer, but I’m sure the outfit would also work well with heavier greaves, boots and gloves. The chest piece is heavy armor so there might even be matching set pieces you may like.


      • jezzroth
        27 March 2017 @ 1217

        Might have to look into it although my main, acona, had many outfits I keep going back to the one I just uploaded. Gotta find a good use for kreias hood though.


  2. Vyro The Virus
    13 May 2017 @ 0743

    Honestly, this looks like Barriss from Star Wars: The Clone Wars if they turned fully to the dark side. No green skin, but still 🙂 I really love it!


  3. Patupi
    27 November 2017 @ 1848

    “Without spending a fortune on dyes”

    *Places Secondary Black Dye Module on hands and head.* (That’s 20 mil.)

    That went well.

    More expensive than to just buy a Black/Black for 12 mil.


    • Patupi
      27 November 2017 @ 1855

      Or alternatively.. Just to buy a Red/Black one for 50k and getting the same result on the hand and head.


  4. Karna
    19 December 2017 @ 1215

    This is really an amazing look. I probably have used at least a hundred Black & Light Gray Dye Modules, and I don’t think anyone could tell the difference between that and a Black/Black Module on this outfit. I especially like the use of Kreia’s Hood. Great job!


  5. Anonymous
    9 December 2019 @ 2054

    Is that Ziost? awesome backdrop


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