Cassus Fett



Cassus Fett - Female CloseCassus Fett - Female FrontCassus Fett - Female BackCassus Fett - Female RightCassus Fett - Female Left

Cassus FettCassus Fett Side


Cassus Fett - Male CloseCassus Fett - Male FrontCassus Fett - Male BackCassus Fett - Male RightCassus Fett - Male Left


Head Cassus Fett’s Helmet
Chest Cassus Fett’s Body Armor
Hands Cassus Fett’s Gauntlets
Waist Cassus Fett’s Belt
Legs Cassus Fett’s Greaves
Feet Cassus Fett’s Boots
Wrists Cassus Fett’s Wristguards

Where to Obtain:

Pursuer’s Bounty Pack


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki
Cassus Fett was a Mandalorian Field Marshal who lived during the time of the Mandalorian Wars. Fett was an aide-de-camp to Mandalore the Ultimate, leader of the Mandalorians, and he was highly influential in areas throughout Mandalorian society. Fett spearheaded the promotion of the Neo-Crusader movement, a sect of Mandalorian society with a more regimented structure and standardized armor than the hitherto dominant Mandalorian Crusaders. By exerting control over the clans and providing a means of converting conquered cultures into Neo-Crusaders, Fett turned the Mandalorians into a war machine intent on galactic conquest.


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces