Cassus Fett



Cassus Fett - Female CloseCassus Fett - Female FrontCassus Fett - Female BackCassus Fett - Female RightCassus Fett - Female Left

Cassus FettCassus Fett Side


Cassus Fett - Male CloseCassus Fett - Male FrontCassus Fett - Male BackCassus Fett - Male RightCassus Fett - Male Left


HeadCassus Fett’s Helmet
ChestCassus Fett’s Body Armor
HandsCassus Fett’s Gauntlets
WaistCassus Fett’s Belt
LegsCassus Fett’s Greaves
FeetCassus Fett’s Boots
WristsCassus Fett’s Wristguards

Where to Obtain:

Pursuer’s Bounty Pack


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki
Cassus Fett was a Mandalorian Field Marshal who lived during the time of the Mandalorian Wars. Fett was an aide-de-camp to Mandalore the Ultimate, leader of the Mandalorians, and he was highly influential in areas throughout Mandalorian society. Fett spearheaded the promotion of the Neo-Crusader movement, a sect of Mandalorian society with a more regimented structure and standardized armor than the hitherto dominant Mandalorian Crusaders. By exerting control over the clans and providing a means of converting conquered cultures into Neo-Crusaders, Fett turned the Mandalorians into a war machine intent on galactic conquest.


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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