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  1. I like shirts
    22 March 2014 @ 0835

    Finally, Drelliad for everyone and it comes without a shirt…


  2. Josef Tauser
    27 March 2014 @ 1746

    I wonder what Skadge looks like with that shirt on o.0


  3. Aleksey314
    28 March 2014 @ 0604

    Nice jacket, and no huge shoulder pads for a change. But I’d much more prefer it with a shirt, not bare torso. Bare skin looks ridiculous most of the times, there are a few harsh planets and I don’t remember anyone normally wearing revealing clothes in the movies…


  4. Skyward
    7 May 2014 @ 1914

    Is there a version of this jacket with an undershirt? I like the jacket, but this skimpy gear trend needs to die.


    • tmr
      13 May 2014 @ 0555

      That I’d love to know as well. I think I saw something similar in… a reddish color? Not sure though. Anything “Vandal” I found were some “punk style dusters with glowing bits”.

      *edit* found “something”:

      You might need to dye it black/grey or something, though. I’ll probably try it in the evening.


  5. Sinlayn
    17 December 2016 @ 2145

    Revealing stuff is the best!


  6. Marvo Da Mighty
    4 May 2017 @ 2104

    Are there any T-shirt looking tops in SWTOR


    • gua543
      5 May 2017 @ 0430

      Canderous Ordo’s and Mission Vao’s chests are the closest you can get.


  7. Talos Antilles
    11 August 2019 @ 1443

    This one has the facing stripe on the trousers. One of the ones I use when I want military-style uniform pants with an officer stripe. It’s perfect because it doesn’t have any extra straps and it’s standard black, so most of the time you only need a secondary dye.


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