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I apologize that this took longer than expected. The three-day holiday weekend put a little damper in getting results back to me in a timely manner.

Judging was a little different than usual. There were so many excellent (or truly awful) submissions, that it was really difficult to choose the winners. So, instead of letting one person pick their favorite, I had each judge give me their top three picks. I assigned three points to the top winner from each judge, two for the second, and one for the third and then tallied the totals. The submissions with the most posts are the winners.

I have emailed the winners, but need a response from each before I can send the codes. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received the email.

Playable Species Female (+Nadia)

Nyreit’s Nadia Grell of The Shadowlands by Damask Rose


Playable Species Male

Aric “Princess” Princess Jorgan of Jedi Covenant by Aeden


Non-Playable Species

Nymana’s Skadge of The Ebon Hawk by Metae


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