Champion Vindicator/War Leader (Pub)



Missing head (Submitted by: Kadeous of Jung Ma)

Champion Vindicator Front


HeadChampion Vindicator’s Headgear
ChestChampion Vindicator’s Chestguard
GloveChampion Vindicator’s Handgear
BeltChampion Vindicator’s Belt
LegChampion Vindicator’s Greaves
FeetChampion Vindicator’s Boots
WristChampion Vindicator’s Armguards


HeadChampion War Leader’s Headgear
ChestChampion War Leader’s Body Armor
GloveChampion War Leader’s Gloves
BeltChampion War Leader’s Belt
LegChampion War Leader’s Greaves
FeetChampion War Leader’s Boots
WristChampion War Leader’s Armguards

Where to Obtain:

No longer available.


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