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  1. gguy
    28 December 2015 @ 0723

    this is a good choice if you want to gear up a character or a companion as an basic officer,it shares the model with the CE officer one (with a slight colour change) and can easly be achieved by completing the WEEKLY starfighter mission (that grants 80 fleet coins…just enough for the chest)
    it’s no big deal to get,even if you suck at starfighter…needs 7 games (wins count x2)


  2. inahuj
    31 January 2017 @ 2103

    gonna get this top and team it up with the regulator berret. use it as a dress uniform for my trooper


  3. vianegativa99
    29 October 2019 @ 1258

    Does it work with dye modules?


  4. gua543
    29 October 2019 @ 1619



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