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  1. Aena/Jen'asha
    16 December 2014 @ 1235

    Does anyone know if this Thranta is supposed to be young, like a puppy, or if it’s a fully grown dwarf species? Maybe Coastal Thrantas are such a species. 😛


    • Marek Lilleleht
      16 December 2014 @ 1428

      That is a good question. The Wookieepedia article linked above only lists species big enough to ride, but since it mentions multiple species of various size and doesn’t necessarily list them all, it could be a smaller species that hasn’t seen use in other media as, unlike the bigger relatives, it’s not usable for transport. It does seem too small to be a young of one of the larger species, at least.


      • Marek Lilleleht
        17 December 2014 @ 0357

        Then again, there’s also a Rancor pet, apparently…


        • Aena/Jen'asha
          24 December 2014 @ 2143

          Thank you for the answer! I read the Wookieepedia article as well, but thought there would be no harm in asking anyway, if anyone knew anyting else.


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