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Collections Account Unlock Costs

LAST UPDATE: 5.5 on 10 Oct 17

NOTE: There are now only three unlock prices. Bronze = 60 CC, Silver = 240 CC, Gold = 400 CC (though some free items can be unlocked for 1 CC)

This page is a list of the account-wide collections unlock cost for various items. Please indicate in the comments if you know the unlock costs for items I don’t have or have already account unlocked (those items with nothing in the Unlock Cost column).

Collections is a list of items that you can unlock for your other characters by paying Cartel Coins. Only those items available from the Cartel Market or given free (eg., pets or titles given free to subscribers or pets available with Cartel Coins cards, etc.) are included in collections. You can access the Collections menu by clicking on “Collections” at the bottom left of your inventory or from the Cartel Market at the top right.

To account-wide unlock an item or armor set for all of your characters, you must have already equipped that item on one character. For armor sets, you must equip the entire set to unlock it. Once you have unlocked it on one character, find the item in collections and click on the icon that shows the Cartel Coin icon and an up arrow. This will open a window that will allow you to pay for an account unlock with Cartel Coins. Once you have done this, the icon will change to an open box and you can transfer the item to any of your characters. These items are always bound to the character you transfer the item to. They cannot be sold, mailed or traded. NOTE: Some items in collections cannot be unlocked for other characters. They are indicated in the tables below with an “N/A” in the “Unlock Cost” column.

Cartel Coins Conversion Rates

These are the Cartel Coins to USD conversion rates for the specific amounts you can purchase (rounded). This does not include any temporary specials.

Amount450/$4.99 = $0.0111050/$9.99 = $0.00952400/$19.99 = $0.00835500/$39.99 = $0.007214,500/$99.99 = $0.0069
5 CC$0.06$0.05$0.04$0.04$0.03
30 CC$0.33$0.29$0.25$0.22$0.21
60 CC$0.66$0.57$0.50$0.43$0.41
90 CC$0.99$0.86$0.75$0.65$0.62
120 CC$1.32$1.14$1.00$0.86$0.83
150 CC$1.65$1.43$1.25$1.08$1.04
175 CC$1.93$1.66$1.45$1.26$1.21
200 CC$2.20$1.90$1.66$1.44$1.38
240 CC$2.64$2.28$1.99$1.73$1.66
300 CC$3.30$2.85$2.49$2.16$2.07
360 CC$3.96$3.42$2.99$2.59$2.48
400 CC$4.40$3.80$3.32$2.88$2.76
450 CC$4.95$4.28$3.74$3.24$3.11
480 CC$5.28$4.56$3.98$3.46$3.31
500 CC$5.50$4.75$4.15$3.60$3.45
600 CC$6.60$5.70$4.98$4.32$4.14
720 CC$7.92$6.84$5.98$5.18$4.97
800 CC$8.80$7.60$6.64$5.76$5.52
900 CC$9.90$8.55$7.47$6.48$6.21
1000 CC$10.00$9.50$8.30$7.20$6.90
1200 CC$13.20$11.40$9.96$8.64$8.28
1440 CC$15.84$13.68$11.95$10.37$9.94
1500 CC$16.50$14.25$12.45$10.80$10.35
1560 CC$17.16$14.82$12.95$11.23$10.76
2400 CC$26.40$22.80$19.92$17.28$16.56
3000 CC$33.00$28.50$24.90$21.60$20.70
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