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TOR Fashion


  1. Ri'ann Dor
    18 July 2016 @ 1157

    This is great! The pieces work well together and I love especially how the color matching turned out on the set. I’ll remember this should I ever feel like putting a jungle armor together for my trooper :).
    Your new squad’s looking good!

    Also your pictures are really nice. I absolutly love the Junggle1 pic, it sets a fantastic tone.


    • Atlantic
      18 July 2016 @ 1830

      Thank you.
      I like finding colors on armor chest pieces that don’t exist as dyes. They can sometimes be paired with a secondary or primary only to get a unique combination that will affect anything else that is color matched.
      Jungle 1 is my favorite too. Something about how the water looks maybe. It actually looks a bit like your style 😉


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