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Command Packs (Shipment Nine)

Click on the images below to go to a specific post for each item with more information or to view a YouTube video (emotes and toys). For more information, please see:

  • SWTOR Cartel to see when the Explorer Packs are available on the Cartel Market
  • Dulfy’s Cartel Market Packs or a full listing of all items (without screen shots).

In addition to the items listed below, each pack may drop:

  • Jay Asher

    It may drop that tuning, but just last night with this pack I got a lightning tuning which isn’t mentioned to be in this pack but is.

    • Magnus Rolstad Jordal

      Lol almost everything I got from this pack is not listened as items included in it. SWTOR packs is just weird 😂

      • Exiled Messenger

        With the Dread Warlord Pack, BioWare changed the way you get loot. You get one item from the new pack, jawa currency or companion gifts, and either items from previous packs or Grand Chance Cubes. Since the old items are random, I am not going to include them here.

        • Magnus Rolstad Jordal

          I see

        • Kaoymi

          Good move. Let them look it up themselves ( :

          • It could be anything from any pack. That’s thousands of items. What would be the point of repeating them here?

  • Magnus Rolstad Jordal

    I’m sure there is a reason why you get shit from other packs and not items in this pack when you open them?

    • Exiled Messenger


  • Kani Na

    What vendor/faction does this pack belong to?

    • There isn’t one. They stopped doing that with shipment 8 (Alliance Packs).

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