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Companions can be placed on Floor Small, Floor Medium, or Floor Medium Narrow Strongholds hooks.


  1. Villain101
    24 May 2014 @ 0543

    Brilliant! I found this really helpful as I just got the unlock from the cartel market and wanted to know where to get them. Thank you, Dulfy!


  2. Namirr
    17 July 2014 @ 0638

    Excellent guide! Very thorough, great work!


    • Exiled Messenger
      17 July 2014 @ 0726



  3. Guest
    3 October 2014 @ 2221

    Only if they could fix the holo’s vison on those companion when you ain’t logged on that spesific companions. Mounts works fine without holo why shouldn’t companions work the same way.


    • ThePurpleOne
      19 July 2015 @ 1622

      I suspect it’s far more complicated than that. They’d have to keep track of which account and character the companion belongs to, what it’s current gear looks like and which customisation you’ve used. That’s further complicated by the fact that we can visit strongholds created by other characters. It sounds really simple, but I expect it would be difficult to implement and result in a lot of overhead and consequently even more performance issues.


      • The Man in Black
        12 October 2015 @ 1849

        Sadly I’m afraid the only way to easily fix this would be to restrict each account to one of each class per server, and I don’t need to tell you why this would be a bad idea.

        It may be possible to do something where each character can only place their own companions, but again, there are drawbacks.


  4. Sisqi
    6 June 2015 @ 1624

    Exiled Messenger, it might be a good idea to put a link to the Roles, Stats and Weapons guide in the top and explain that there people can find the information about stats and weapons for the companions?!


    • Exiled Messenger
      6 June 2015 @ 1632



  5. The Man in Black
    12 October 2015 @ 1852

    Not holding my breath, but I’m hoping some of the teenagers get customizations in KOTFE recognizing the time gap. One new customization for each companion would actually be a pretty sweet bonus.


    • 島風
      6 November 2015 @ 0542

      Teenagers? I thought all notable characters were adults? (Other than bonecrusher and those with child models.)


      • The Man in Black
        9 November 2015 @ 2204

        It’s possible, but I’m shocked if Mako, Torian, Ashara, and possibly some others are above 19.


        • Heathervye
          12 November 2015 @ 0412

          As a former high school teacher, whenever I hear Nadia Grell, I expect her to flourish a pair of pom poms and break out in a cheer. “Go Barsen’thor!” She looks and sounds no older than 16, whatever they say her age is. My consular guy is going to end up romancing Lana just because Nadia makes me feel like a pervert. The type 1 anorexic teenage bodies on so many of the girls don’t exactly help. And my bounty hunter is going Koth because I just don’t see her romancing someone she refers to constantly as “Kid.”


          • gua543
            26 November 2015 @ 0335

            Our own characters are in the same age bracket (well, at least mine are) so I don’t see the issue.

          • Comptractors
            16 November 2016 @ 1734

            There are plenty of crones on here: Lokin, Senya, etc. if anything I’d like them to add the SoR customization for Lana. I don’t think there’s as great a demand for aging characters as there would be for new shiny CM items, operations, events or etc. crows feet and sagging bussoms are not what I play games for at least.

        • Enodia
          26 November 2015 @ 0245

          Apparently according to the SWTOR Encyclopedia;
          Torian is 18
          Mako 19
          Ashara 20
          Jaesa, Vette, and Risha are 21
          Nadia and Corso are 22.
          Just a little FYI.


          • Sakari Sippola
            6 November 2017 @ 1208

            then why does Torian have a goatee?

          • Darth Ji'inx
            10 December 2017 @ 0111

            I’ve seen a kid under 18 with a goatee irl. O.O

          • iCantLogOut
            11 August 2019 @ 1443

            I had a full beard at 13-14 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. gua543
    17 December 2015 @ 0945

    You’re missing SCORPIO, Pierce and Xalek in the Outlander section.


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