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  1. elminster_cs
    25 August 2014 @ 2035

    I found it in a guildship, anyone know where to find it?


    • DogEyedBoy
      25 August 2014 @ 2205

      “Where to Obtain: Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event”


      • elminster_cs
        26 August 2014 @ 0631

        Yes but I found that is named in a different way: pet G07-DY is Conspicuous Consumption Probe in the decoration tab


  2. Kurgan Nazzir
    30 January 2015 @ 0241

    Anyone know when the consumption probe stopped spilling coins? I was working on my Imperial guild’s ship tonight and I noticed the probe was no longer dropping coins all over the gaming table.


  3. Charoite
    31 July 2015 @ 2244

    The Consumption Probe doesn’t always show the coins spilling. I also found that the coins stopped spilling when it was in our Casino area on our ship. I moved it to the Officers Deck and the coins are working fine again. I guess it comes down to positioning.


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