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  1. Arclinon
    15 May 2012 @ 2009

    By the force.. I really want to decapitate the person who thought adding silly hats club’s FOTM hat as the set piece imo horrible doesn’t even begin to describe it. Someone call fashion police


    • dulfy
      15 May 2012 @ 2021

      Very soon we will have a helmet section to showcase all the ugly helmets in the game 😛


  2. Nymerial
    8 September 2012 @ 1921

    My GF just dropped the gloves schematics…don’t know if that’s pertinent


  3. Killerlegus
    8 May 2015 @ 0935

    Well, that set is callder “Noble Consular Adept” and it’s from Balmorra, level 35 – 36.


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