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  1. Guest
    18 May 2012 @ 1940

    Do you know if it looks the same if sent to the Imperial side? Or does it turn into something else? 


    • dulfy
      18 May 2012 @ 2000

      something completely different unfortunately (it looks like the traditional brocart set for the empire)

      If you want something similar, I would suggest the elegant set


      • Guest
        19 May 2012 @ 1152

        figures. Mainly asked as the Elegant set is a bit too white. I use it for my Republic character, but I really want something nice (an actual top preferred–not one of those tube-top things) for my Imperial character that goes well with the 
        Cerebral Battle Lower Robe/Stalker Legwraps that doesn’t have those big ugly collars (which my character’s hair sticks out of) or a hood. :/ All shirts I’ve seen that could possibly fit either aren’t long enough to be called a shirt, have a hood, have an ugly collar, or are just so black that they look awkward with the mostly pink and red skirt 🙁 


    • Y-Yorle?
      22 June 2014 @ 0925

      You wouldn’t be able to wear it on the Empire side anyway as it’s Consular exclusive :/


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